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Seamlessly send the same prompt to ChatGPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, and Gemini 1.5 Flash, or engage deeply with just one. Choose an AI-model that monitors your conversation, providing real-time suggestions and corrections. Supercharge your content generation like never before.

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AI Chat

Chat with the model you want or with many models at the same time.



Let another AI model monitor the conversation, and correct the mistakes, improve the response or help you find better prompts.


Only top AI Models

Considering a subscription to just one AI model? Why not get three ? Enjoy triple the functionality and flexibility without any extra cost!


Create your own AI committee

In democracies, there are no rulers or absolute bests. We've embedded this principle at the very core, or perhaps even the heart, of MultipleChat. Enjoy generative AI, rely on multiplicity than singularity.

Boost your productivity with Multiple AI


SEO has two kings: code and word. We give you the possibility to multiply both of them through the power of three AI's. Copy paste the response from one AI to another to get the perfect content, or keyword suggestions. MultipleChat's ability to access three different models offers a significant advantage over relying solely on one AI Model. ng in more accurate, diverse, and well-rounded ideas.

Content Marketing

Create content with ChatGPT and paraphrase it with Claude! Well, cube the possibilites that you can do with ChatGPT. That is how much you can do with MultipleChat! MultipleChat offers content marketers a powerful edge by providing access to three AI models, far surpassing the capabilities of a single model. This multi-model integration enables the generation of more creative, engaging, and varied content tailored to specific audience needs and trends. Additionally, MultipleChat's diverse AI insights help marketers craft highly optimized content strategies, ensuring greater reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

Market Research

Source is everything in research. Rely on three sources instead of one! Unlock deep market insights and stay ahead of trends with MultipleChat's comprehensive AI models. Make informed decisions and drive your business forward with confidence.


Your creativity will explode with MultipleChat. Maximize your advertising impact with AI. Craft personalized ad campaigns, analyze performance metrics, and optimize for better ROI with MultipleChat's advanced AI capabilities.


Looking to subscribe to an AI model? Well why not subscribe to three? Empower your colleagues with MultipleChat's AI capabilities. Streamline workflows, deliver exceptional client results, and scale your services with ease.


Revolutionize your coding workflow with MultipleChat. Access multiple AI models to assist with code generation, debugging, and optimization, making development faster and more efficient.

The AI Dream Team, United

One subscription. Three powerhouse AIs.

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Unleash the Collective AI Genius

Why settle for one when you can harness the power of all three?

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Enterprise-Level AI Solutions

Seeking answers without disclosing your company's identity? Want a second layer of verification for your responses?

3 AI Models Make Fewer Mistakes Than One

We do not claim to make the best AI research, but you can be sure that your subscription will include the best AI research available.

Plurality in AI

Our solution places plurality at its core, ensuring you hear as many opinions as possible.


Security & Privacy of the Highest Degree

We don't allow models to train on your data or identify who you are – period.

Content for Your Team

Our expert team regularly publishes resources and prompts to help you maximize the benefits of AI.


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A library of resources to help you harness the power of AI & sharpen your competitive edge.

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